Affiliates Getting Started

Hi all, thank you for deciding to join our CCG family.

CCG Sales LTD is a family run business based in Sheerness, Kent by Ria Crawford and Sam Cook. CCG have decided to expand their business to all over the UK and Ireland and what better way to do it than by social media. This is not limited to Facebook only.

We sell quality official licensed Character Clothing annd Goodies and Unique handmade character items at affordable prices to budgeting families across the UK and Ireland. We believe that it shouldn't cost you the world to treat your little ones to their favourite things.

 It's very simple to get started. Once you have signed up for an affiliate account then you are ready to begin as soon as your account is approved. Through your back office access you are able to generate links for each of our products that you are to post in groups. This group remains the property of CCG Sales LTD. These links will direct customers to your online store. Once they have accessed your online store, any item they buy you will earn commission on. You earn 20% on all sales. Uplines earn an additional 4% on downlines. 

There is no drop shipping involved, no money up front and no outlay on competitions to help improve and expand your customer base. An order is placed by the customer and their items will be sent directly to their door from our headquarters. This headquarters is our shop. All we ask is that you're happy, helpful and build relationships with your customers to give CCG Sales LTD the reputation we have worked so hard to keep. We are always rotating our stock. There is always something new coming in and it's something that will always be a priority to anyone with young children. You're not pushing sales.

01. You will be added to 1 Facebook group . In the group you will find training videos and training posts. The training video’s will show you how to create your unique tracking link for your posts and how to structure your post. (They all need a description, price and 'Click on the link below to order online through our secure payment system) - This is important as customers will see exactly how to get to our website to place an order.  CCG Sales LTD HQ will also post important messages, new stock, updates etc.

02. We advise that you use or set up your own group and facebook page. Post at least 10 posts before adding members to your group. Always check that the item you’ve chosen to advertise is in stock before posting. This will do two things. Firstly it will give you a chance to get to grips with the posts and perfect them before you go live. Secondly it will give your group members something to look through when they are added. (REMEMBER – If your link does not show a picture of the item – delete it and report this as not working so it can be fixed for next time) 

03. Once you have filled your group with our amazing items, then you should start adding your warm list :) This is your Facebook friends list. Only add the friends who you think would love our items and then send them a private message just to say ' Hi, I have added you to my new group selling officially licensed character clothing and goodies, as I thought you might like some of our items. Please come and have a look and if you love them as much as me and would like to support me in my new venture, please feel free to add any of your friends or family members you think would love it too. You should also share your group to your wall for all your other friends to see... Why should they miss out?

04. Next step is to advertise your group externally. If you haven't already got buy / sell groups on your Facebook, now is the perfect time to start adding. You should be joining 2-3 groups A DAY! This will help build up your customer base. Widen it by joining groups from ALL OVER the UK & Ireland! Join **Buy/Sells** **Mum/Dad's** **Stuff for Kids** - Anything aimed at people with young children. You can join as many groups as you'd like, but make sure you only join 2-3 in one day. Post in groups and people will come to you. You need to be careful how quickly you post as you potentially could end up in 'Facebook Jail' which is no good! Always post in 2-3 groups and then leave it a couple of hours before posting more. Space them out throughout the day and always look for new groups to post in.

05. Don’t forget while you're posting away in external groups that you should still be putting up posts in your CCG Sales LTD group or personal group for your existing members! Aim to post at least 5 posts a day. Consistency is key with online selling. Your customers need to know that you can be relied on and that you're not going to disappear. Put up interactive posts and engage with your group to help build relationships. Try to only have 2 interactive posts up at any one time. There is a post in the training group with examples of interactive posts that you can use. 

06. Your upline will check in with you regularly and may add you to their designated team chat. If your upline is unable to make contact with you after 21 days, your account will be deactivated and closed.

07. Recruitment (building your own team) is permitted after your account has been active with CCG Sales LTD for a minimum of 14 days. Please speak with your upline before beginning recruitment.