Affiliate Guidelines & Advice

1. It is imperative that your customers believe and trust in you. This doesn’t happen overnight. It requires constant interaction with your group members. If you are posting to your own group then we of course respect that you have your own rules in terms of posting regularity but we do advise that you post a minimum of 5 posts a day. Mix up your posts. Of course advertise the items, we all want to make commission, but try to share other relevant content such as videos or interactives. Better still, why not go live every now and again and just say hi! Going live is a total choice, and not something everyone will feel comfortable doing.

2. Your upline does not have to be an admin on your groups or pages, but are there to support you and offer advice and guidance at all times. So please consider allowing them admin rights to assist you in the best way possible.

3. If you have a current and successful established group that you use for your online opportunities, you are more than welcome to use that group for posting and advertising our items. Please check with your team leader regarding a name for your business group or page. We do not allow a conflict of interest. Please ensure that any other opportunities that you may be a part of does not match any of the items we currently sell. We do not allow our products to be advertised with fake knock off goods or unlicensed products.

4. You are able to post stock items to your Facebook wall for your friends and family to see.

5. Group competitions can be promoted on external groups but you must not use the designated competition photo! 

6. You must try to aim to post in your groups at least 5 times a day to ensure interaction and interest is maintained. Facebook groups now allow you to schedule posts. So posts can be set up the evening before, ready for the next day. Scheduling posts saves you time during the day if you are busy or have other commitments but customers will get annoyed if they feel that everything is automated and that a real person isn't available. Just some friendly advice.

7. Do not post more than 2 interactive posts at any one time. Always ensure that the previous less active interactive post is deleted before posting any new ones.

8. Be sure to post in stock items only!

9. Why not use some of our website reviews on your groups. These really help future customers find confidence and trust in you.

10. If you have any problems at all, your first point of call is always your upline, not the Directors. Please bear in mind that they are not available 24/7 but they will endeavour to get back to you as soon as they can. If you desperately need help or advice, please email and we will aim to get back to you as quickly as possible.

11. Facebook is not the only platform that can be used. Instagram, Twitter, other selling apps are a great way of increasing your sale opportunities.

12. Please endeavour to let your upline know if you are unable to post to your group. This can be due to personal issues, hospital appointments, holidays. Where we can, cover will be arranged for your group to ensure that the interaction and interest doesn’t fall and is maintained. Should you have any suggested amendments or additions to this document then please email